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This all day tour departs at 9:00am and returns at 5:00pm.

Long Island is situated to the east of Great Exuma and traditionally has been connected to Exuma through its people, economy and history. Long Island offers rolling hills with breath taking views of the ocean. Some of the highlights of this tour are exploring caves where once the Arawak Indians lived in harmony with nature. Also there are ocean blue holes to snorkel in and feed the fish that abound here. To the north of this long island can be found a monument perched upon one of the highest hills dedicated to Christopher Columbus who "discovered" these islands over 500 years ago. This is an all day tour and will entail some ground transportation to move about the island. Lunch can be arranged at any one of the many restaurants along the way. This tour can be catered to ones own needs as there are many good snorkeling sights along the way to Long Island and stops can be made at White Cay to interact with the rear "Red" Iguana and explore the sand bank that engulfs the island.